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About Us

About Us

At Coast Medical and Botox, we specialize in bringing hometown medicine and cosmetic procedures to Laguna Beach. You no longer need to travel to get the best medical care! Dr. Crudo has decades of experience helping people from all walks of life live happier, healthier lives. 

Dr. Crudo is accepting new patients to serve your primary care and aesthetics needs. As a small practice, you can count on Dr. Crudo to take the time to customize your health plan. Plus, this is one of the few practices where you know your doctor personally. If you are looking for a dedicated health professional, Dr. Crudo at Coast Medical and Botox is the man for you. 

Dr. Crudo and his wife Diana Crudo have partnered to bring you primary care, weight loss, and aesthetics and cosmetics. They are thoroughly trained in state-of-the-art medical care. Your health and safety are their primary concerns. 

At Coast Medical and Botox, you can feel confident that your health is in the finest hands. With Dr. Crudo, everyone can feel confident that their needs will be met with compassion and care. Coast Medical and Botox creates an open, welcome environment for all. 

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